Showroom Residence with Wooden Side Table also Cube Table Lamp

Modern Furniture Home for Contemporary Interior Design

Giorgetti is opening its first showroom in Mumbai, India and this show room will be located in a contemporary interior designwith the modern furniture home that is designed by Rajiv Saini and Associates. What makes this Giorgetti Showroom so amazing is the design’s use of very contrasting colors, complex floor plan, and lavish modern furniture application. The home employs three very complimenting color spectrums that are contrasted so far apart […]

White Bathroom Interior with Geometrical Bath Tub and White Porcelain Toilet Beside the Sink

Backyard Pool Alternatives for Luxurious Modern Home Living

Located in the Bayside neighborhood in New York City, the triplex Bayside House by Grzywinski+Pons is a large modern home built to house two families with backyard pool alternatives. The design of the home is to ensure that for a large family, space and comfort is always available. The home has a red exterior with a small patch of grass plot at its side. On its frontal side, large window […]

Kitchen with Black and White Furniture Residence Shown White Granite Countertop

Interior Designs Modern for Elegant Apartments Style

Modern apartments nowadays have opened up to wider scales of interior designs modern. No longer are they kept small and with basic white rooms, more creative decors and interior styles are built by the day. Take example of the Tribecca Residence by Dirk Denison Architects.  This luxury apartment is built with a large floor and open floor plan that provide the interior a lot of breathing space. Bright room color […]

Living Space Inside the House with Black Sofa and Stand Lamp also High Window Floor to Ceiling

Floor to Ceiling Windows Open for Beautiful Country Home Renovation

What makes a country home renovation with floor to ceiling windows open such a joy to live in? Not only that they are beautiful, they are also a warm place to live in. Check out House GL by ArchitectsLAB. The Brussels 1970s building was redesigned and renovated to connect and bring the old home to today’s fashion. The incorporation of a warm classic country house with a modern element provides […]

Wooden Floor Shown also Modern Kitchen with Darkwood Vanity

Open Floor Plans for Warm Home Design

Home is where the heart is; it is a place of retreat and relaxation after a hard day’s work, so of course, the home design is always an important aspect especially the one with open floor plans. Take an example of the House in Fosso by 3ndy Studio. What make this house special is not only its actually simple house structure and a large open floor plan, but also the […]

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